New Pisces

np-ss-3   New Pisces Nanoreno game

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A short story about horoscopes and the singularity. With an exclusive track by Urban Fox.

This was made for the game jam NaNoRenO 2015.

Some of the feedback received:

“… it was like playing abstract art. …” mikey @atpprojects

“… Sometimes it’s not obvious what player needs to do next …” Kilua @krotikuskro

“… I kept trying to intentionally make decisions off-rhythm to make it sound like one of the trippier early Aphex Twin songs… …” YossarianIII @YossarianIII

“… The game is an interesting exploration of fate, destiny, and humanity. It encourages questions about free will and what makes us human—a seriously impressive feat for a game that’s only about 2000 words long. …” Melissa Loomis (


Released for free on 31-03-2015 under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

New Pisces - thanks to ren'py urban fox and more

Made with Ren’Py

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