Apartment Complex

Apartment Complex


Available to download at itch.io https://sleepyagents.itch.io/apartment-complex


A short point and click type game. You’re in a country where you don’t speak the language, and you lost you phone (and wallet) at the club.

Which isn’t great.

But the main problem is… it’s like 5am… and you need sleep!


Please visit the itch.io page for more information: https://sleepyagents.itch.io/apartment-complex



Made for SuNoFes 2016



Story, Art, Music, Coding by Sleepy Agents

(aka paradigmshifty)


Ren’Py Visual Novel Engine: renpy.org

With special thanks to Lemmasoft Forum, qualifiedbadger, adirosa

Additional credits for fonts are in game.